(Coordinated Resource Offering Protocol)
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NEPA Overview

  1.   Coeur d'Alene FO (ID)
  2.   Spokane FO (WA)

  1.   Newport RD
  2.   Republic RD
  3.   Sullivan Lake RD
  4.   Three Rivers RD

  1.   Bonners Ferry RD
  2.   Coeur d'Alene RD
  3.   Priest Lake RD
  4.   Sandpoint RD
  5.   St. Joe RD

  1.   Cabinet RD
  2.   Libby RD
  3.   Three Rivers RD

  1.   Methow Valley RD
  2.   Tonasket RD

Coeur d'Alene Tribe:
  1.   Coeur d'Alene Tribe

  1.   Cataldo SA
  2.   Kootenai Valley SA
  3.   Mica SA
  4.   Pend Oreille SA
  5.   Priest Lake SA
  6.   St. Joe SA

Montana DNRC:
  1.   Northwestern LO

Washington DNR:
  1.   NE Region

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AFB - Air Force Base
DNR - Dept. of Natural Resources
DWF & P - Dept. of Wildlife,  Fisheries,
                     & Parks
FO - Field Office
NF - National Forest
NRA - National Recreation Area
LO - Land Office
RD - Ranger District
SA - Supervisory Area

Diameter Size Grouping:
<7” - Biomass (in mmbf and gT)
7” – 12” - Small Log (in mmbf)
>12” - Large Log (in mmbf)

Resource Offering (Harvest) Types:
BIO - Biomass (subject to buyer interest)
CT - Commercial Thinning
FW - Fuel Wood
Mech - Mechanical
PCT - Pre-Commercial Thinning
P/P - Post and Pole
RX Burn - RX Burning (NEPA Approved)
Stwshp - Stewardship
TS - Timber Sale

NEPA Status:
(National Environmental Policy Act)
APP - Approved
IP - In Process
JS - Just Started
NS - Not Started
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